Dr Marsden has many years of experience dealing with the physical and psychological needs of her transgender clients through various stages of their journey of transitioning.

A holistic and individual approach to care is extremely important to us and you will be certain to receive professional and friendly care in a safe and confidential setting.

We offer a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments which will be tailored to suit you.

As well as our range of rejuvenating treatments to combat the signs of ageing, we also offer a range of treatments to help feminise or masculinise the face. These include lip augmentation (for fuller lips, definition and/or shaping), cheek enhancement for volume and/or cheek definition, chemical eye brow lift and feminisation of the jaw line (this treatment also helps those who grind their teeth). The jawline and chin can also masculinised for a more defined and square look

We want you to look and feel great. We want you to feel happy and confident with your best self.

Dr Marsden works with experienced colleagues offering an extensive range of relevant services including IPL and electrolysis hair removal and Beauty. You can find more information at The Skin and Beauty Clinic.

You can contact us to book a consultation.