The prices below are not intended to provide medical advice. Your doctor will discuss all possible treatment options with you.

Standard facial Botox

Areas include Forehead, Central Frown, Crows Feet Lines, Brow Lift, Dimpled Chin, Down-turned mouth.

1 area £150
2 areas £250
3 areas £300

Dermal filler

Lips (up to 1ml) £250
Cheeks – (up to 2ml) £450
Nasolabial (1ml) £250
Marionette (1ml) £250
Brow lift £250
Temple (up to 2ml ) £450
Forehead (up to 2ml) £450
Perioral/Smoker’s/Lipstick lines (1ml) £250 or £600 for 3 sessions
Chin -balance/shape/lengthen/define 1ml £250, 2ml £450
Nose reshaping £350
Tear Troughs £350
Hand rejuvenation from £450
Jawline – definition/enhancement 2ml £450 3ml £600 4ml £750
Any 3 ml filler procedures (ie up to 3 areas) at one visit £650
Any 4ml filler procedures (ie 3-4 areas) at one visitxxxx £800

Wow Fusion

Micro-needling and mesotherapy combination +/- prescription products. Tailored skincare cocktail to help ageing, dullness, pigmentation, scarring etc 1 treatment from £150


Overall rejuvenation. Can be used on face, neck, hands, décolleté, stretch marks etc. £300 per treatment, initial course of 2 treatments advised.

Neck – rejuvenation

Restoration, firming and lifting – a combined approach with Profhilo x 2 treatments and Aliaxin S&R filler to add lift. As Profhilo above + £400 for Shape & Restore Filler (2ml)


Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles all over the face. Can be repeated after 3 months if needed £300

Chemical Peel

The Perfect Peel £299

Microsclerotherapy for thread veins

Injection treatment of thread (spider) veins on the legs £250
Follow-up treatment £200

Medical Botox

Teeth Grinding/Bruxism (can also be used to feminise a jaw-line) £395
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) £450 Armpits/axilla

£300 with Wow fusion Device for face, hands, scalp etc.

Migraine £450


*Please note, some treatments may require further dermal filler as a ‘top up’ when reviewed at 2 weeks. If this is needed then a reduced fee of £200 will be charged

**Consulations are charged at £50 redeemable against any treatment booked within 4 weeks.