WOW Fusion

WOW fusion is an innovative micro-needling device that allows Dr Marsden to create a bespoke skincare cocktail, ideal for your skincare needs. It is a hyper-personalised and signature service.

The needle head had 20 titanium needles that are plated with 24K gold. Each needle is 0.13mm in diameter. The titanium keeps the needles sharp and the gold has a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action. The needles are thin enough to make a small puncture and micro-trauma to the skin without the pain. They also have a small spiral groove on the outside of the needle that allows the skincare cocktail to flow down and into the skin at the epidermal/dermal junction.

This combines the benefits of micro-needling with the addition of personalised mesotherapy. The micro-needling stimulates collagen and elastin production for a more youthful looking skin. The WOW fusion serum hydrates, brightens, stimulates and improves the texture and tone of the skin.

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