Dermal fillers

Many different brands of dermal fillers are available. After trying many, Dr Marsden now predominantly uses Teoxane,; a premium brand of fillers with great results and longevity. Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a gel-like structure similar to collagen in the skin. HA is hydrophilic, attracting water, and contributes to the hydration of the skin and connective tissue. Its natural ability to hold water helps restore the skin’s youthful plumpness and volume and supports natural collagen and elastin.

Dermal fillers vary in their density, strength and ability to move within the face. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Most fillers are semi-permanent lasting for a period of months before being gradually broken down by the body. Over time, repeated applications are required to maintain the results.

Dermal Fillers are reversible using an enzyme that can be used in case of problems. It is essential that dermal filler is administered by trained medical professionals.

As the face ages, the most major change is volume loss. This accompanies the loss of elasticity and the pull of gravity. The majority of the volume loss and resulting ageing occurs in the mid-face (central cheek area) with loss of bone, muscle, fat and collagen. The use of dermal filler has revolutionised how we treat the ageing face. Volume loss can now be subtly restored to rejuvenate the face. People will notice but no-one will know!

We have dermal fillers to suit all areas of the face. When assessing the face it is often ideal to restore some mid-face volume i.e. the foundation of the face before filling lines lower in the face. Restoring the cheek volume can support the under eye area and can lift naso-labial sagging, marionette lines and jowls. This can all be discussed with you and a plan formulated to suit your needs and budget.

Dr Marsden is trained in the use of dermal filler for all areas of the face including advanced areas such as nose, temples, and forehead.

Dermal filler can be used to rejuvenate the area around the mouth. This is the perioral area and the lines are often referred to as smoker’s lines, lipstick lines or barcode lines. This area requires the use of very fine fillers that doesn’t add great volume and which can move with the face. Sometimes the skin may also require a treatment to help restore its quality.

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