The Ageing Face – how Botox and Dermal Filler can help

The ageing face

Many people start adult life with young looking and flawless skin. Some age slowly and their skin never reveals their true age. Others can abuse their skin for example with excessive sun exposure and seem to get away with it. Most people however, are not fortunate enough to fit this description. Many factors affect the skin’s ageing process. These include genetics, smoking, alcohol, sun exposure, skin colour, skin thickness, fat levels, stress, diet, sleep, hydration and general health

The ageing process starts from the age of 20. This will come as a shock to many. Fine lines start to appear first, and over time wrinkles develop. With repeated creasing of the skin, creases tend to become fixed with lines visible when the face is static. There is a gradual loss of soft tissue volume and as well as bone volume and density.

In the upper face, descent occurs in the brow, there is loss of skin elasticity and subcutaneous tissue, and the formation of bags under the eyes can occur.

In the mid face, reduced fat pads and the subsequent drooping of this cheek fat creates a naso-labial fold (line from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth). This shift leaves behind a hollow in the cheek and the lower face widens and ‘jowls’ can often appear. The youthful V-shaped face gradually moves towards a squarer shape.

In the lower face, the lips lessen in volume and the area between the top lip and nose lengthens. There is loss of definition of the chin and jawline due to fat and bone loss and there is downward pull of bands in the neck, creating a turkey neck appearance.

The ageing face varies from person to person. Ageing is a natural process and many are happy to accept this process. It is important that individuals make their best decision for themselves.

For those wanting to reduce the various signs of ageing and delay the ageing process help is at hand with a range of Botox and Dermal Filler procedures. Botox has many including relaxing crease and wrinkles as well as lifting a brow or a downturned mouth. Dermal filler is used to increase volume such as in the cheeks, and can fill creases such as the naso-labial folds. Please check out the website for more information on the options available. Our aim is for a healthy and natural look, and one that radiates beauty.

For those who are not always naturally beautiful, we can help you look and feel beautiful naturally!